Habit-Forming Products
Developing habit-forming products and creating the behavior design that makes them possible, has changed from being just a nice-to-have to a need-to-have in the extremely competitive world of mobile apps, digital services and amongst any other products for that matter. That is exactly why QuestionPro had invited two knowledgeable product experts Nita Sharma and Arnie McKinnis to join Anup Surendran, VP of Product and Engineering at QuestionPro on the panel for our webinar on habit-forming products….

Great products sell themselves. No amount of marketing or positive press can turn a bad product into a good one. However, the process of building a great product is not always straightforward. Even the most innovative companies have had product failures. Remember Apple Newton, New Coke, McDonald’s Arch Deluxe, or the Microsoft Zune?
Join our upcoming QuestionPro Webinar as we will discuss how businesses are developing their products based on ever-changing customer demand.

Turn Detractors into Promoters
Whew! What a day! Due to the popularity of our webinars, QuestionPro for the first time hosted two webinars. We wanted to show love to our European and Asian colleagues. We hope you enjoyed it and learned how to turn detractors into promoters.
Our experts for this webinar were Mark Salsberry and Joel Aach.

Today we hosted the first webinar of the year, and what a great topic it was to kick-off our webinar series for 2016. Thank you, everyone, who attended and thank you, for the thoughtful questions. Below you can read a recap of what you might have missed from the webcast.
On the panel joining Karen Chen, Product Marketing Manager at QuestionPro, we were very pleased to have Andrew Heywood, Director of Talent Acquisition at DAQRI….

We use Scrum to get our teams aligned.  I look for other key things which are related to customers and I use this opportunity to follow up with the team on thoughts or items which could potentially deteriorate our customers’ experience.
Any meeting is an opportunity to observe what is happening to our customers through your employees.  …