Why You’ll think QuestionPro Has the Best Online Survey Reports

When it comes to online survey tools, everyone focuses on how easy it is to create the survey, or how “pretty” the online survey design is.  Don’t get me wrong, these are all important aspects of any survey, but there is one survey element that everyone either forgets about or assumes it’s going to be easy — that is until they have to do the dirty deed of….REPORTING.

A plus

Don’t laugh.  You may think reporting is no big deal, until you start doing regular or frequent surveys and have to report the results on a dime.  This is where you really start separating the survey players from the survey pros.

In fact, this is how I originally found QuestionPro and switched from SurveyMonkey — it was QuestionPro’s reporting features that wowed me and have kept me a loyal customer since 2005!

Here are just a few reasons QuestionPro’s reporting features are some of the best in the online survey world — (this is all MY personal/professional opinion) and in my own words.  By the way — the QuestionPro guys didn’t ask me to write this, nor did they pay me to say this — just wanted to be sure we had full disclosure here.  I’m writing this as a marketing strategist, marketing executive, product and market manager — just someone who has to collect data and report on it to a broad audience.  If this sounds like you — then listen up!

So — back to why I love QuestionPro’s Reporting Features

  1. They make me look really, really smart.  This isn’t a feature of the reports — it’s an outcome, and an outcome, I’m sure you can appreciate.  While most online survey tools give you Excel downloads and basic charts (QuestionPro does that too), what snagged me was that little bit of academic data such as the additional descriptive statistics and the ability to add weighting, customize and do all kinds of fancy statistical stuff that most of my clients don’t even get — that add to that special psychological effect of “Oh — she’s got all that data — she must really know her stuff.”  Anytime I can show little subtleties like that, I’m all over it.
  2. You can run the same survey over and over and deliver new reports – with the touch of a button.  I used to run a weekly survey to about 20,000 people every week.  All I had to do was upload emails, send surveys and print off the report with updated dates.  I told the client that this is all I did and they were convinced it was so much harder than that.  Just this feature alone has earned me close to an additional $25,000 over the year — just for pressing buttons!
  3. Share reports in real time.  Another feature that my clients are completely blown over by is the ability to share the report in real time.  It’s very common for my clients to be in meetings where our survey results are mentioned or folks want updates and all they have to do is click on a link and share the information.  This makes THEM look like heros.
  4. The infographic feature ROCKS for meetings.  If you haven’t used the new infographic reporting feature, you really need to check that out as well.  I’ve found that it’s an excellent way to give my clients a summary of the survey results.

You’ve heard my story about why I love the QuestionPro reporting features — what’s your story?  Tell us what reporting features you love and why!