2015 was amazing – and we are just getting started….

First things first – I want to personally thank you for being a QuestionPro (or SurveyAnalytics) user. Over the last year – we’ve been working on merging our QuestionPro and SurveyAnalytics platforms together to have a unified technology stack and expanded capabilities – and a streamlined approach to our platform.

I wanted to send out a typical “Happy New Year” email to all our customers – but since we were too busy with the merge of our companies – we missed that! That being said – better late than never?

At its core, we segmented our platform into 5 major product lines; and here are some of the items that come along with this merge;

a) Conjoint & Max Diff Analysis on ALL Your Surveys
b) Expanded Text Analytics – Including Auto-Tagging and Bucketing
c) New & Improved Edit/Question – Single Click Interface
d) Expanded Logic & Recommendation Engine
e) Enhanced Cross-Tabs – Nested & Pivot – Including Significance Testing

a) A robust and expanded Communities for Insight & Research Platform
b) Online Ideation and Discussion Group Modules
c) Multilingual Communities for countries like Canada, of course, Europe
d) Social and Mobile integration – along with Custom iOS and Android Apps
e) Rewards, Points & Badges – Along with one-click rewards integration like Starbucks / Amazon Gift Cards

a) A dedicated Workforce / HR employee engagement solution
b) 360 Reviews
c) Employee / Organizational Strengths & Assessments
d) Daily/Weekly/Monthly Pulse Surveys
e) A suite of pre-designed frameworks – the Workforce Genome

CX – Customer Experience
a) A purpose built system for measuring, reporting and acting on CX
b) Transactional Surveys – with inline, embedded email based feedback
c) Promoter Amplification – With TripAdvisor, Yelp and, of course, Twitter & Facebook
d) Detractor Recovery System – for turning your customers from detractors to passionate advocates
e) Dataware – Enhanced intelligence on your customers by merging publicly available social profiles

a) Offline / Online capabilities with direct access to reporting
b) Expanded Store Audit model and Store Locators
c) Lookup tables, Store Locators, and many other question types
d) Enhanced Stability and support for more devices (Samsung, Nexus et. al.)
e) Integration with CRM tools like Salesforce.com

I know this is a lot to digest – but we are just scratching the surface of what we want to accomplish in 2016. Our vision for the QuestionPro Platform is to become _the best_ insights platform – for Consumer Insights, Workforce Intelligence and Customer Experience. We have 5 distinct product lines that attack each of these markets and deliver an amazing suite of solutions.

In the same breath, I will also acknowledge that we’ve made more than a few mistakes in 2015. Our mobile platform has been unstable and we’ve had many issues. We’ve also underinvested in UI and UX for the core survey platform. Needless to say, we’ve addressed and continue to address all these issues and will have an open-ear and will continue to work hard in our pursuit. While we may not be perfect, we will work our asses off to get there!

Global Expansion:
In 2016, we’re also expanding globally. We do not see ourselves as a US-Centric company – but a global technology platform. Being an immigrant entrepreneur and founder of QuestionPro – this is very personal to me. To that end, we have;

a) Opened up offices in Merida – Mexico, Berlin – Germany and, of course, we have offices in San Francisco, Seattle, and Pune – India.

b) For our EU and Canadian customers – and partly due to the Safe-Harbor ruling by the EU High Court, we have opened up Data-Centers in Toronto, CA and in Amsterdam. We will be opening up Data-Centers in Australia as well as Singapore by Q2 of this year.

c) Local Currency Billing – by Feb end, we plan on introducing local currency billing for at least 10 countries.

Academic & Non-Profit Initiatives:
We continue to expand and enhance our Non-Profit offering – In fact, by the end of Q1, we will be launching an initiative to give out our Enterprise License free of charge to all our Non-Profit License holders. We’ve had amazing success with this program and we are proud to help non-profits listen and act on behalf of their stakeholders.

Our Academic offering – where we give site-wide university licenses either free or at a _highly_ subsidized rate will also get expanded – we will be offering Conjoint/Max Diff/TURF and _all_ our advanced capabilities as part of this offering.

Once again, I thank you for being part of the QuestionPro family. We’ve come a long way – and we have some pretty amazing ideas that we will be implementing in 2016.

Good times!

Vivek Bhaskaran
Founder & CEO