When analyzing CX data, it helps to change how you want to display your results in an easy manner. We reached out to our customers and asked them what we could do to improve their experience of the dashboard in order to continue to be successful on our CX platform.
Our CX customers most wanted list:

A way to drill down and analyze the dashboard results based on specific questions and profile variables….

Color makes everything better, right? When it comes to analyzing complex CX data, the answer is a resounding yes! Although this is not the next color tv revolution, studies show that using color to display data helps analysts to identify key trends and important data points worth drilling further into. Various color patterns may indicate a change in the customer experience storyline….

It’s always disappointing when you see a decreased number of responses to your surveys. You know people are either ignoring your emails or have unsubscribed to them. The next action that comes to your mind immediately is wondering who these customers are and why are they unsubscribing your emails. Let us help you find out!
On a platform like QuestionPro CX, you cannot afford to lose your potential customers who might be unsubscribing your emails.

How do you measure the success of your email surveys?
Most of the time you measure that by the number of people who have taken your survey. To figure out if your email campaign is successful, you need to know how many emails were delivered in a certain period of time and how many of them were opened….

When you have a list of customers to send surveys to, there are certain criteria already associated with each customer which determines which survey they should respond to. In the past, while sending out an invite, you would need to explicitly select the survey every time in any CX system. For example, to send out a product returns experience survey in any CX system, you would have to import files with customer details of the returns transaction that matches the details being surveyed.