5 Reasons to Attend XDay Fall North America 2022

We are back with our annual user conference XDay IRL after two years on October 27th, 2022. We are so excited to meet our customers in person and talk about all things research and experience.

XDay is an opportunity for all researchers to find the vision they need for their customers, employees and audience. Connect with industry leaders, experts, and peers, and gain insights into the evolving world. This isn’t a sales pitch for QuestionPro and you don’t have to be a QuestionPro user to attend. We bring expert speakers together for you to hear from with the purpose of keeping you up to date with the latest advancements in the research world.

It’s will be a full-day line-up of keynote presentations, research panel, conversation booths, and lots of fun! Check out the agenda, we have a lot for everyone.

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Want to get a glimpse of what our XDay looks like?

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Wondering why you should attend XDay 2022? 

Well, there are many reasons; here are the top five.

Top 5 reasons you should attend XDay 2022

1. Connect with the best 

We have speakers from Google, MGM Resorts International, Research Narrative, and other leading research organizations. Get a chance to network with the best professionals and know how they collect data to gain actionable intelligence.

2. Learn from the best 

Don’t miss an opportunity to learn from the experts and get inspired. Know how other QuestionPro customers use our products to offer their employees, customers, and audience an excellent experience.  Book your one-on-one sessions with QuestionPro executives to learn some of the secret tricks!

3. What’s coming up in 2023?

We know you are eager to learn more about the new features coming up in 2022 and beyond. Get a glimpse of what lies ahead in the near future with our product showcases. 

4. Know what’s going on in the world of research 

We are always eager to understand the needs of the market research industry, and now we want to share these insights with you!

5. No dull conference here

All work and no play makes Jack (and everyone) a dull researcher. We have a few out-of-the-box activities lined up for the day and don’t want to spill the secret here now (Spoiler alert: Check with your account manager to learn more). We will call it a day with a fortune teller session and live band followed by happy hours.

Product Sneak Peek


  • Locked extraction logic – Any changes in the source question options will reflect in the options of the extracted questions.
  • Global settings – Enable users to access settings organized based on different product sections like Surveys, Account, and so on.


  • Reputation management: Learn about issues you may not have been entirely aware of that need to be addressed (and potentially stem the flow to social media).
  • Outer loop: Analyze the set of situations presented in the inner loop, seeking to give a systemic sense of what is happening with your customers


Company updates

  • QuestionPro acquires Digsite, a market leader in digital qualitative research and insights management. It will help us offer our customers digital qualitative research at scale and aid in exploratory and primary research under one intuitive, powerful platform.

Insights can transform the way you work, from hiring a team to leading them, from developing a product to selling it globally! 

Join us on XDay to lead your company with a vision that impacts the world of tomorrow.

We are as excited as ever to show every customer how they can harness the power of experiences and use it to transform their organization from the inside out.

If you have any questions, please contact your account manager or email us at marketing@questionpro.com