5 Strategies to improve Net Promoter Score + Bonus Tip

Once you are done with the Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey and calculating the NPS score, the next step is to identify ways to improve the NPS score.

NPS score offers strategically critical inputs to businesses on how well their products or services meet customer’s expectations. As Net Promoter Score provides so much value, it makes sense to focus on how to improve your NPS.

5 Strategies to improve Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Improving the NPS score is so crucial for businesses that no organization can afford to ignore it. A higher NPS indicates that your brand is extremely popular and loved by your customers. Apply these tried and tested ways to improve NPS score and let your customers be your brand ambassadors.

ways to improve NPS

  1. Connect with the detractors:  There’s a reason for the detractors to feel the way they do about your brand. Tap into them and understand what went wrong in their experience with your product or service. Conduct root-cause analysis and create a list of action items that will improve customer experience immediately. Because detractors feel so strongly about what can be improved, they can be an excellent source of empowering ideas. They can change the way your organization works (for good!). Act on their feedback to convert detractors into promoters. Keep in touch with your unsatisfied customers and once you succeed in meeting their expectations, conduct an NPS survey. Analyze results to find out if you have improved your NPS score and by how much.
  2. Keep your promoters engaged: While detractors need your immediate attention, even promoters need to be involved as they are the ones who chose to be loyal to your brand. Their faith comes with something amazing that you must have done to make their customer experience memorable. Talk to them to understand what you did right and what can be improved. Promoters can help you transform your product from good to great. You can create a customer loyalty program and reward your loyal customers for continuing the relationship with you. You can also send them goodies and highlight their success story as a case study.
  3. Create customer-centric teams: Everyone in the organization, right from the procurement and manufacturing team to the customer support team, should keep customers’ interest in mind and work accordingly. Better customer experience improves the Net Promoter Score and the overall brand image of the company.
  4. Make brand promotion easy for the customers: It’s human to share bad experiences easily but laze around when to sharing an amazing experience. Make it quick and easy for the customers to share their awesome experiences on social media. Embed links to social media in your surveys or offer gift coupons and incentives for providing feedback. Engaged customers are more likely to talk about their experience. So, keep the pulse alive with customer communication, contests, surveys/polls, and, most importantly, answer their queries.
  5. Connect NPS with CRM and business KPIs: See a bigger picture of how even a minor improvement in the NPS score leads to reduced costs and better revenue. Analyze NPS survey results in conjunction with your CRM data and track customer activity. Many leading survey software like QuestionPro offers you the ability to integrate your surveys with CRMs like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and others. You can send a survey to your contacts directly from the CRM and view results on the dashboard. You can also view, compare, and filter historical data to understand the triggers that improved your Net Promoter Score.

Bonus Tip to Improve your NPS Score

  • Passives are the low-hanging fruits: As they have a neutral (read not-negative) opinion for your business, it should be easy to convert passives into promoters. As Ken Peterson, President, QuestionPro CX, says, “Passives are the forgotten middle child; they too need attention.” Connect and create an impression that you value them and it is important for you to not only satisfy them, but also to delight them.

Hope above ways to improve the NPS score will fast track your business growth. If you have any questions on how to conduct surveys, analyze data, and improve CX, feel free to send us your queries.

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