Instant Answers – Research sample for academic researchers

You’d agree with me that limited time and limited budget are two main reasons that hamper the productivity of the research projects. As an academic researcher, the burden of paying industry-standard costs for academic research projects is too much. Add in the limited time you’re given to complete research projects, and suddenly, you have a mountain to climb. What if you didn’t have to pay as much as businesses or organizations do for instant answers, but still collect reliable, accurate, and real-time data? Oh, and yes, all this within a short span. 

Our Academics customers including universities, educational institutions, students, and researchers form a major part of our users and are important to us. We made a push to optimize how we’re gathering respondents, how we’re getting surveys filled, and what more can we offer to the Academic community? We came up with just the right tool for you – Instant  Answers.

What is ‘Instant Answers’?

We created Instant Answers specifically for academic researchers to enable them to conduct affordable surveys across the US. The survey respondents are nationally representative of the last United States Census, proportionally filled by gender, age, ethnicity, and, region. As an academic researcher, you will have to pay just $1.00 per interview, instead of the industry average of $4.00! Test hypothesis in real-time with real respondents. We guaranteed a 48-hour max turnaround time on data collection. Spend less time collecting data and spend more time digging into it to analyze it better.

How to qualify for Instant Answers?

If you hold an Academic Research License, you can tap into $1 pricing by following these guidelines: 

  • Program the survey on QuestionPro 
  • Keep the survey length under 15 minutes
  • At least 80% will complete the survey
  • Ensure you’re above the age of 18 to qualify

Use cases of Instant Answers

Wondering where you can use Instant Answers? Here are some popular use cases where you can use Instant Answers.

  • Political Polling: Get into the political mind of the average American citizen to know their thoughts and what they feel. 
  • Advertising Testing: Test advertisements with real customers to capture actual consumer sentiment.
  • Academic Studies: Test your hypothesis in real-time with real respondents and gather customer insights.
  • Brand Awareness: Is your product positioned to beat rival brands? Gauge people’s awareness levels.

Getting started

We will launch Instant Answers in the fall, but we intend on granting early access to a special few! Email us at with your queries and mention the Edu discount!