Feature Update: Add/embed a video in your survey with HTML5

In a survey, audio and video questions are added to make it communicative, creative and personalized. Video questions, in particular, have the capability to convey emotions to the respondents and make the survey interactive – making your survey more effective in capturing increased and complete survey responses through engagement.

For 21 years, Adobe Flash was the most significant tool for audio, video, animation and other graphics. But, in the past few years, it was constantly claimed that Flash was vulnerable to security issues which bring a significant amount of risk for computer users, has higher loading time, needs to be constantly updated, slows down websites and other similar drawbacks. Due to these shortcomings and with the change in IT and its consumerization, new open standards such as HTML5 have proven to be much more effective on mobile as well as desktop platforms – without a plugin. HTML5 also offers better security parameters, hardware access along with offline storage mediums.    

QuestionPro has updated to HTML5 as it is an effective tool that supports mobile and desktops and doesn’t slow down the process of taking the survey. Researchers and survey creators can add videos either from a medium such as YouTube or upload an MP4 video file that they may have and embed it into the survey.

How to add a video question into a QuestionPro survey?

1. Go to Edit -> Workspace

2. Click on the Settings link for the question

3. Go to the “Advanced” section -> There will be a video section


4. In this section, a survey creator can upload a video file.

Insert a custom video by the following the below-mentioned steps:

  • To include specific videos that they survey creator may have, he/she can choose the “Select from Library” option from the drop-down.
  • They can upload the video in this tab or select a previously uploaded video as well.

Embed Custom Video