The Pew Research center recently published a research paper on respondent focus and data quality. The synopsis of the research paper states:
“Forced-choice questions yield more accurate data than select-all-that-apply lists”

What does this mean?
The research by Pew indicated that folks are not paying attention to multiple-choice questions – in jogging their memory and cognitive ability to recall and respond –…

How has your market research strategy evolved over the years? With enhanced technology and new data and privacy laws, some say it’s challenging and expensive to keep up. After the 2009 recession, companies that were more adaptable survived while others closed shop. Each year, new buzzwords and trending ideas capture the attention of audiences at industry conferences and research-related events  – …

Usage dashboard update 
Reacting to the client’s demand, we are introducing a major update in our previous usage dashboard. Using the new usage dashboard now you can easily gauge the overall adoption of surveys and data in your organizations. In addition to that, looking at the dashboard statistics you may dive into the problem areas shouting for your immediate attention. 

MaxDiff analysis questions ask respondents to select between the best and worst options out of a given set. If it is implemented with good experimental design, you can obtain a relative ranking for each option.
These questions are apt for situations where trade-offs or choices are required to be made such as below:

Compare features or benefits
Find areas for potential investment of resources
Compare interests and activities
Decide on potential marketing messages for a new product
Get inferred feedback on products or services used

What’s new?
MaxDiff survey settings and reports have enhanced to make it more user-friendly for the survey administrators….

What is the Sentiment Analysis? 
The sentiment is everything related to feelings, attitudes, emotions, and opinions. Sentiment analysis means an automated technique applied to text data to extract meaningful and subjective information. Organizations have been using it for opinion mining to understand how their customer base reacts to a specific product or service. 
QuestionPro’s sentiment analysis tool helps organizations use their survey’s open-ended text responses to predict the satisfaction level of their customers.

With Marketo, users can log every digital interaction they have with their potential or existing customers, so as to indulge in a relevant conversation with them. When you have an online survey tool integrated with Marketo to measure customer interactions, organizations can optimize their strategies to reach out and engage the audience in order to achieve their business goals.