AFL-CIO – How get a survey done right

The AFL-CIO launched the “Working Women 2008” survey a few days ago and here is an example of great marketing of the survey itself.

A few key points that I think all of us can learn.

  1. Consistent Brand / Marketing:
  2. Having links to the survey in the footer of the page – to increase awareness:image 
  3. There carries into the survey itself

It looks like the AFL-CIO and WorkingAmerica invested some time and though into putting this survey together. The payoff will also be there in both in terms of brand perception — Working America, AFL-CIO wants to listen to their members, as well as the obvious advantages in terms of lower drop out rates.

When deploying a survey, we need to start thinking of it in terms of a communication and marketing exercise as much as a data-collection exercise. Why? – Because you are touching your customers, stakeholders, partners etc. You simply cannot afford to look unprofessional. No monkeying around (OK – thats a dig at one of my competitors ;)