Anant Innovation Uses QuestionPro as the Easy Way to Certify Thousands of Farmers in India

You’ll find QuestionPro in the most interesting places helping organizations get to the heart of what matters to their customers.  And while a lot of our customer organizations are small businesses, some of our customers are up to much bigger things in the world; helping small businesses and entrepreneurs.

farmer--621x414Today, I’d like to introduce you to one of them, Anant Learning and Development. James Wirth, Marketing Director from QuestionPro described them this way:

quotation-marksAnant Innovation is conducting assessments in rural India as part of a government training program for farmers. The farmers receive training, and then are required to pass an assessment in order to become certified. The company conducting the assessments is using the QuestionPro App – they were a guest panelist during our April HOA.

The scope of work is massive. The government of India is attempting to train, assess and certify over 100,000 rural farmers per year! Currently the program is in 10 states with plans to double that. 10,000 farmers must be assessed every month.

Prior to implementing the QuestionPro App, Ajit Singh, the head of Anant Innovation states they were only able to assess a maximum of 300 farmers in a month.
The people completing the assessments are predominantly uneducated farmers, aging 16-40 years old, most of which have never seen a tablet computer. Initially they were unsure of whether this would even work. But in the 2nd month of using QuestionPro, they were able to assess 5,000 farmers! Now in the 3rd month, they are on track to assess 8,000 farmers this month and by June expect to be at or above 10,000 assessments per month.


Making a world a better place through online survey Apps

This case study goes to show you that you can take your QuestionPro survey apps outside your business and into the world.  The intuitive interface makes it easy for not just your customers to use; but that you can take these apps all over the world — even where there may not be an internet connection.