Apple is redefining retail experience. Their stores are now called Town Squares; intended to bring communities together. Their retail spaces not only sell Apple products from now on but also act as learning centres. Apple’s team of Creative Pros add the human touch to the image of the technology giant. Any budding entrepreneur can learn a thing or two from Apple’s CX evolution. You may not be ready for retail spaces like Apple’s Town squares yet, but asking the right Customer Survey questions can help you lay the groundwork for creating a unique Customer Experience. QuestionPro’s CX platform is designed to assist you in creating and enhancing customer experience.

It is a well-known fact that the costs of setting up a retail store are many folds higher than starting an e-commerce business. No wonder Apple’s head of retail, Angela Ahrendts said, “We think of Apple Retails as Apple’s largest products”.  When it comes to customer experience, adding a human touch enhances the brand experience of a business. This is the biggest reason behind many brands opening their stores globally despite a huge online presence.

Do you have a vision?

Get started by getting insights from your customers. Asking the right customer survey questions will get you the answers.  Our CX platform helps you send out the survey, gather data and analyse it. Evaluate the customer experience they are receiving now and make an action plan on how to improve it. Ask yourself how you want your customers to perceive your brand. Envision your 10-year plan for your brand based on your customer insights.

Are you paying attention?

Make sure your customer survey questions are detail oriented. Too many questions will make your survey lengthy. QuestionPro’s validation, branching/skip logic, randomizing options help you make a smart survey, not a prolonged one. The customer survey questions with about your retail business can be advantageous. Your detail oriented questions may draw attention to some positive features previously unnoticed by your customers. Asking at least one open ended question will get you some interesting feedback and suggestions from your loyal customer pool.

Create Customer Experience and improve it

Once the survey results are analysed by QuestionPro’s CX software, you can interpret how your customer experience management has been so far. Show your customers that you care. Take their feedback and act on it. You can ask customer survey questions and see the after effects of creating a customer experience. You could be pleasantly surprised!

Positively engage your customers

Keeping customers engaged is a mammoth task. How would you zero in on what keeps the customers engaged? Quite simple. Ask them! Target your customer survey questions at what peeks customer interest in your business. Positively engaged customers are loyal customers and advocates of the brand. Asking an NPS (Net Promoter Score) question would get mathematically calculated customer loyalty.

Create a community

The story of your brand doesn’t end with creating brand awareness. You have a huge challenge ahead; maintaining your brand image. Your efforts into improved customer experience and positive engagement with the brand can continue to foster an audience of brand enthusiasts. Create a community by bringing them together.

Innovation bundled with best customer experience can create wonders.Entrepreneur or not, we could all learn that from Apple Retail’s makeover.  In modern retail business, understanding how big of a differentiating factor customer experience can be in the triumph of a business before it is too late is the first step towards success.

Check out some sample Customer satisfaction survey templates here.

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