Artificial Intelligence – The next big leap in Online Surveys is here!


Very few innovations on Earth (with the exception of the Atomic Bomb ofcourse) provoke as much of mixed reactions as Artificial Intelligence or known better by its trendy term – Automation. Some fear it, some love it and others are almost oblivious to what’s happening.

“I cannot believe that an apocalypse by AI has not happened yet” – Said the most brilliant mind on Earth, Stephen Hawking.

Clearly, AI is a polarising subject in certain communities, but when it comes to customer experience, there is no doubt that it exponentially favours it. After all, technology is about moving ahead for the better, bravely.

QuestionPro has always been on the front lines of innovation in the field of online surveys and insights. Since over a decade, we have broken barriers with path breaking technology integrations and this time too it is no different!

We are proud to introduce our very own Artificial Intelligence Robot – Locus!

So what is Locus really and how can it help us better serve you – Our clients and users?

It learns from its own experience

Locus, like any other independent AI machine, learns on its own. It tracks user queries, what type of questions they usually ask and what kind of responses they usually select. Based on this analysis, it learns over time to give the most precise answers and solutions to the questions thrown at it.

It can create branded surveys for you

Locus has been built with a simple idea in mind – To create instant surveys automatically! While our vast collection of survey themes have been extensively used by clients and users, we wanted to give this experience a new leap.

Now you can just talk to Locus in real-time and ask it to create whichever survey that you are looking for. It will scan through our entire database of templates in micro-seconds and generate the most optimum survey for you with your brand’s details already edited into the questions. All you need to do now is to customize it the way you prefer or just shoot it out as it is.

It is cross-platform

Whether you just want to create a simple research survey, an academic survey, an employee engagement Workforce survey or a customer experience CX survey, Locus is always there to help you out. Infact, being cross-platform, it listens to users from everywhere and gets better, better and better at understanding and delivering precisely what you are looking for in the least number of queries.

And this is just the beginning. Even as you read this post, we are constantly working to make Locus smarter and better in every way. 2017 will see the true leap in online surveys, powered by QuestionPro!