Beyond reason customer loyalty

Beyond reason customer loyalty

I have long been inspired by the CEO of Worldwide, Saatchi & Saatchi, Kevin Roberts’ theory of Lovemarks, future beyond brands. Mr. Roberts, in fact, played a huge role in my decision to pursue a Marketing career. I was very enthused from his theories and determined to meet him – and I did! That is another story, though, which I definitely will share later.

Let me just say – he loved my name, Santa. His Lovemarks also gave me the inspiration for this post about Customer Loyalty.

But Santa… what is Lovemark?

What Roberts calls Lovemarks, are brands that have been able to create loyalty beyond reason. Lovemarks are brands that have earned unconditional love for their products. They did something special there.

In the extremely fast-paced world of today, the meaning of connecting with people one-on-one and the value of that has been re-discovered. However, people, as a rule, do not live in isolation. Hermits are rare. We have the urge to live together, to do things with others. We look for a sense of belongingness. We are members of teams, clubs, organizations, members of families, couples, and communities.

The quote by Roberts illustrates my point clearly:

If you want to look at a tree, stay on the ground. If you want to see the forest, climb mountains.

What’s the bigger picture?

It is quite a paradox, that in order to connect with individual consumers, we have to see the bigger picture. That is the tricky part – how can companies create meaningful connections with individuals while they are a part of a group?

I have always had an uneasy relationship with data, numbers, and metrics. I am an emotional person, who rather goes about feeling it, rather than factoring in it. But I also do realize that in case 100,000 people were to act on their own emotional needs – you better have some idea of where they might be turning or what direction they are going.

I highly doubt you would have the time to knock on each door.

The point I am trying to make here is that – qualitative and quantitative have to be a tight unit. Heart and Hand together. Human emotion can be difficult to measure, but it sure can be done. More importantly, with QuestionPro Products, emotions can be measured when they are real, and the is when an individual is a part of its community.

“Working out, how to count the beats of their hearts, not fingers of their hands” is how Roberts puts it and I could not agree more on this measure, for building a company or a brand that is destined to grow and prosper.

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