Coming Soon: Enhanced Rich Text Editor!

As a part of our larger initiative to enhance the QuestionPro platform, we’ve identified (with your help!) the top improvements that would help you accomplish your survey goals with ease. One of the biggest requests we received was to enhance our Rich Text Editor so that you don’t need to spend additional time formatting after you copy and paste text from a Microsoft Word document. We’re excited to release this feature for you in January 2018!

Thank you for being a part in improving our survey software and we’re looking forward to continually improving your survey experience with QuestionPro!

Copy & Paste from Word

One of the biggest changes we’ve made is how we handle the formatting when copying from a Word document. Before all of the unsupported formatting would be pasted into the survey with no way to change it or remove it – even though it wasn’t displayed in the survey preview. Needless to say, this wasn’t a great experience. With the new update, all formatting will be stripped when pasted from Word. So now the editing view will align with your respondents view.

Added Rich Text Editor Features

Now, it may seem like we’ve just taken away functionality, but we’ve really made the Rich Text Editor more robust! Our previous editor was very basic and a lacked a lot of functionality. Well, we’ve fixed that! Here is a list of editing features that we’ve added:

    • Bullets & Numbering
    • Tables
    • Subscript & Superscript
    • Indenting
    • Add Link
    • Add Image!

Add & Resize Image

We’re very excited for this enhancement, as we know it’s been quite the pain-point for our users. Before this update, images could only be added using HTML – we realized this wasn’t exactly user-friendly. So we’ve added the image uploader to the editor. Now you can simply choose an image from your library or browse your device to upload a file! Once you’ve selected an image, resizing is easy! Just drag the corners to make the image bigger or smaller!

We’re focused on making QuestionPro the best survey platform out there, so you’ll continue to see more of these upgrades and enhancements in the new year, along with our new fully response Take Survey experience! Get your FREE QuestionPro account now!