Community members can now select rewards of their choice!

Who hasn’t watched Tom and Jerry? Jerry always comes up with some innovative idea to trouble Tom. In today’s world, Jerry would have so many advanced means to trouble Tom. Using QuesitonPro, Jerry could even form an online community and provide rewards to the members who would help him trouble Tom!

The community members can earn rewards by various means as follows:

  • New User Signup
  • Profile Update
  • Refer-A-Friend
  • Mobile Download Incentive
  • Complete Points
  • Quota Points
  • Terminate Points

To give our rewards, Jerry should first get funds on the community, and then add rewards.


Add how many points you wish to give for New Signup, Profile Update or Refer-a-Friend. Jerry can choose to give more points for referring-a-friend. This can ensure that more members join the community!


Add a qualifying survey also if required and send out the invitation. Upon successful completion of the survey or completing the profile, the members can earn points. These points can be used to redeem the rewards. The community member will get an option to choose the reward of their choice depending on the points they earn.


Providing rewards will ensure that there is a good response rate of members joining and completing the community profile. They will also forward the invitation to their friends in order to earn more points. This would mean more and more people joining the community.

Once the member is eligible for a reward, how will they redeem it? After determining which reward the members wants to redeem, they can click on Redeem Reward. In the above case, I have 60 points, so I am eligible to redeem either Amazon gift card or NZ & C Magazine eGift. If I choose to redeem, Amazon gift card, click on Redeem Reward, and I will receive an email from QuestionPro and from the Amazon with a code. I would be able to use that code on the Amazon website.

So, what are you waiting for guys, start creating communities and give out rewards!