Decisions Shouldn’t Have to Be This Hard

Have you seen the new video the QuestionPro team put up?


WHO hasn’t had this experience?

Actually, the experience I’ve had that is close to this involves a bunch of us sitting around a table — yeah – like these folks and a couple of managers arguing about what customers want.

You don’t have to argue, discuss or wonder — just do a quick and dirty survey.

Believe it or not, you can get answers to a lot of questions you’re wasting time in meetings arguing about by shooting out a survey to your customer base, or out to your social stream.

Use the mobile app to report real time results

Here’s how to astound and amaze your team before your next meeting.  Put out a quick survey or three the day before or a few hours before your next meeting (depending on your list, your reach or customer base and how quickly they respond).

Now, bring yourself and your survey results to the meeting.  When those questions come up, just pull out your app and reference the results.  One of the really cool features of the QuestionPro app is its ability to interact with the data:

qp app

You can see the geographic layout of where responses came from, spin the pie chart to focus in on specific areas and even filter and group responses so that you can come to a decision quickly.

There’s no such thing as a stupid question

For some reason, folks have been slow to adopt this mindset of running frequent, but shorter surveys.  I don’t know why this is — do you?  If you do, I’d love to know.

“Back in the day” when setting up and running a survey cost a fortune, we were careful about when we ran surveys and what we included in surveys.  It was just too expensive to run a survey for every question we had.  But this is no longer the case.  You can run a quick survey and have the results in your app within the hour.  Granted, the results aren’t going to be statistically valid each time, but you will at least be directionally correct in your meeting discussions.

So what’s stopping you?

OK, so what are the top three questions in your business, that if you had the answers to right now, would help you make a decision and move forward?

Write them down.

Now turn them into a survey question and send them out.  What?  You say you need more questions?  Not really. Shorter is better.  In fact most respondents are taking their surveys via mobile device and won’t spend more than 5 minutes (actually I think it’s closer to about 30 seconds) answering survey questions.  So keep it short, keep it simple and keep moving with that decision.

Save the meetings for the big stuff.