Drag and Drop Features Adds Critical Engagement and Fun to Your Online Survey

As a long time user of QuestionPro, one of the things I’ve always loved about this online survey tool is how many  RIDICULOUSLY high-end features we get for the price!  If you’ve done any comparison of online survey tools, you already know that QuestionPro is always adding the hottest new features that you’d have to pay tens of thousands of dollars for anywhere else.


Drag and Drop Makes Rank Order Questions Fun and Visual

This week, QuestionPro has launched what they call the “Drag and Drop” question type.  When I first heard the name- I thought it was “Dragon Drop” after we had a good laugh about it, I realized that this new feature will set your online survey ON FIRE!  The “Drag and Drop” question type is really a rank order question.

In the past, the rank order question looked something like this:

Just take a look at the old version of the rank order question —


Right away you’ll notice that this requires the respondent to use their “left brain” thinking as they rank the choices in order.  This may not be a big deal if you have three choices (like we do here), but if you want people to rank more than 3 — you’re going to have several problems that could ultimately cause frustration and abandonment of the survey.

For example, in this example, the list is static  and the rankings aren’t in order.  In other words, in this example, Biking might be “1”, Skiing “2” and Snowboarding”3″ — so the rankings are all out of order.  Neither the list or the numbers are in order.

NOW – let’s take a look at the new and improved drag and drop question type:


Why you will love this feature

Can you see the difference?  The first thing you’ll notice is the ability to add images.  And the next exciting feature is that the respondent has the ability to literally move each block into the order that they desire.  Think of this as a sort of shell game — where the respondent clicks on a block and moves it into the order that they envision it in their mind.

You are going to love this feature — because it’s going to increase your response rate, eliminate errors , reduce respondent fatigue and frustration.  Finally, all these elements together are going to give you more accurate data.

Creating a new rank order drag and drop question is just as easy as it was before.  The increased functionality hasn’t changed YOUR interface at all.  So there’s nothing new to learn (personally, I love that).