StubHub has been one of QuestionPro Workforce’s key clients over the years. Recently, we caught up with Parag Vaish, Head of Mobile – StubHub and had a small chat. We spoke about all things employee experience (EX) and how things were changing positively at StubHub after Workforce. We have some excerpts for you from that conversation.
Parag observes that annual reviews, though still followed by many organizations, are pretty much dead….

High employee engagement levels boost organizational productivity, help develop the right workplace culture, and improve employee experience (EX). Engaged employees are better team players, highly proactive, align themselves with the organization’s goals, and help reduce attrition.
Organizations understand the importance of employee engagement, clearly see it’s benefits, but fail to act on it. This inaction is responsible for low engagement levels at many organizations….

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Employee Feedback: Definition
Employee Feedback Survey Questions
Types of Employee Feedback Survey
Employee Feedback Best Practices
Advantages of Employee Feedback
Tips for Creating the Best Employee Feedback Surveys

Employee Feedback: Definition
Employee feedback is defined as a process of giving constructive suggestions to the employees by their reporting managers, supervisors and peers.

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Employee Engagement in a Nutshell
Employee Engagement Survey Questions
Measuring Employee Engagement?
Why Should You Measure Employee Engagement?
Benefits of Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement in a Nutshell
We know, engaged employees lead to a higher performing, more pliable organization. This is a state which most organization aim to achieve. But, do you know that the global employee engagement scores are stagnated at a surprising 32% in 2018 (Gallup).

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Employee Morale: Definition
5 Factors Affecting Employee Morale
4 Simple Ways to Boost Employee Morale

Employee Morale
Employee morale is defined as the attitude, satisfaction and overall outlook of employees during their association with an organization or a business. An employee that is satisfied and motivated at workplace usually tend to have a higher morale than their counterparts.

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Continuous Feedback: Definition
Continuous Feedback Model and System
Continuous Feedback Performance Management
Benefits of Continuous Feedback
Continuous Feedback Software and Tools- QuestionPro’s Pulse Review App

“Don’t just criticize, condemn or complain, give a constructive feedback instead”- Dale Carnegie
Continuous Feedback: Definition
Continuous Feedback is defined as a mechanism or a process where an employee receives ongoing feedback and is guided in a systematic manner by openly discussing the strengths and weaknesses of the employee.