Feature Enhancements: Capture Field Respondent Signatures with SurveyPocket App

Thanks to the IFC show, “Portlandia,” the new Portland catch phrase is “Put a bird on it.”With SurveyPocket’s new Signature Feature our catch phrase is “Put a Sig on it.”

What is the Signature Feature?

SurveyPocket’s signature feature allows for you to collect your survey participant’s signature while in the field. Whether you are looking to use SurveyPocket to collect signatures for a new state initiative, need respondents to sign a non-disclosure agreement, or want to help your daughter win class president at her high school, you can now now enable this when you create your survey on SurveyAnalytics.com.

To enable signature collection, you’ll first need to create a new question under

Add New Question >> Advanced Question Types >> Attach/Upload File.

Next, you’ll need to select Data Input Type >> Signature/Hand-Drawing.

In order to require your participant to sign, you can add this by updating the settings to enable validation.

When you use SurveyPocket on your device, you will now see the signature feature integrated into your survey.