How to Filter your Online Survey Report and Analytics using Custom Variables


Custom variables offer a great deal of benefits to users – from personalized survey email invites to passing data values within the survey, most comprehensive online surveys utilize this invaluable feature.

However, custom variables offer another great add-on, not within survey, but rather in the reporting and analytics dashboard once you have collected the survey data from respondent.

Consider this instance: A company has outlets across 4 cities in US – Chicago, New York, San Francisco and Miami. Customer satisfaction responses have been collected from all these 4 cities and every time a city is entered by the respondent, it is stored in a custom variable, say {Custom Variable 2}.

However, now the branch manager in San Francisco wants to view reports only from that city alone.

All that needs to be done is to simply filter the record.

Here are 2 simple steps to do this:

1.) Login to QuestionPro, select the survey and click on “Reporting”. Under Dashboard, you can notice the “Filter Data” section on the top.


2.) In the first tab, select “System Variable”, in the second tab the user needs to select the Custom Variable that was used to capture the information on cities – in this case Custom Variable 2.


3.) In the next section, simply add the data for which the match and filter needs to be performed.


The result will be a filtered dashboard report only for responses collected from San Francisco store visitors!

This data can also be exported in Excel for further analysis.