Flex Matrix Table Question – Mix and Match Several Survey Question Types in One

The QuestionPro flex matrix table question type has been a monumental success in enabling businesses to ask survey questions more accurately and in less space. After all, almost every study shows that shorter and more precise online questionnaires are much more likely to get you more complete and quality responses.

flex matrix table

But we at QuestionPro have always held our own platform true to the fact that “data is just the first step”. What must follow is powerful data analytics and in order to get real and impactful insights from your survey. However, all innovative updates must come in developmental cycles with the aim to continuously and rigorously make improvements that make a real impact for our users.

Analytics, visualizations and impactful insights for Flex Matrix Table

flex matrix table

While survey responses collected from Flex Matrix questions were always available as data exports in the form of excel sheets, we wanted to take this one step further and provide the same type of deep analytics and insights that are available for all question types on QuestionPro. Which is why, now you can access powerful analytics, data visualizations and impactful insights for all Flex Matrix survey responses.

Digging deeper into individual survey responses

flex matrix table

But Flex Matrix table is a very special question-type. While it may appear as a single question in the survey, on break-down, you will find several individual questions amalgamated into one. While the ability of Flex Matrix table to reduce multiple questions into a single survey question is what makes it so unique, it also calls for the need for more introspection into the various layers of these questions. In this case, inclusive analytics alone isn’t enough. You might also want to go deeper and see how individuals have responded to various questions in the Flex Matrix table to get a clearer understanding of the trend.

Bearing this requirement in mind, you can now access visuals, analytics, and dashboard for individual responses collected from Flex Matrix table questions.  After all, when it comes to decision making, the clearer the information the better. You should also consider When To Use Side by Side Matrix Questions.