Whether you are creating a survey for market research, customer satisfaction evaluation, academic study or for human resource evaluation for your organization, good survey examples can go a long way in ensuring that your survey is up to the standard to collect great responses such that you get the best possible insights for your research.
Here are some critical survey examples by categories for your next research project:

Market Research

Market research is one of the most common reasons to conduct a survey.

Online Survey Tools: Definition
An online survey tool is defined as a survey distribution tool where respondents receive a survey or questionnaire via the internet and can respond or complete the survey via the internet. An online survey or alternatively, an internet survey, is defined as a data-collection source where a set of survey questions is sent out to a target sample and this sample of respondents can respond to these questions via the world wide web or the internet.

Quantitative Research VS Qualitative Research : Complete Comparison

In recent blogs, we elaborately discussed quantitative and qualitative research techniques.
But what is the difference between the two? Let’s find out.
Quantitative Research – In a nutshell
Quantitative research is a research methodology which uses questions and questionnaires to gather quantifiable data and perform statistical analysis to derive meaningful research conclusions.

Many organisations, global and Indian have rigid rules at work place. The fixed work timings, HR policies, employee appraisals and even fun activities happen as per schedule like clockwork. For India’s millennials in the workforce, more than 400 million in number, flexibility is one of the highly sought after option when it comes to work. This gap raises employee unhappiness despite being well paid.  

Google and QuestionPro have some intrinsic common values in their product lines – they are simple to use, are highly cost-competitive and they make your job so much easier!
In our effort to bring you the best of both Worlds, we have started a dedicated drive to integrate Google products with QuestionPro wherever suitable. In the latest edition, it is the Google Sheet Integration!

Salesforce has become synonymous to Cloud Sales Database Management, the same way that QuestionPro has become synonymous for Surveys and Insights.
Given this obvious link, we had already integrated Salesforce into the QuestionPro platform over 10 years ago. However, to make it much more convenient for our Enterprise clients to send surveys to their Salesforce contacts, we have now deepened our integration even further….