Best Survey Examples for your research

Whether you are creating a survey for market research, customer satisfaction evaluation, academic study or for human resource evaluation for your organization, good survey examples can go a long way in ensuring that your survey is up to the standard to collect great responses such that you get the best possible insights for your research.

Here are some critical survey examples by categories for your next research project:

  1. Market Research

Market research is one of the most common reasons to conduct a survey. This also includes product evaluation and product testing where you would live to collect feedback on the potential of a product or service in a given market and demographic segment.

Here are a few survey examples for market research that will help you create a great market research survey:

Concept Evaluation and Pricing survey : This survey is used for evaluating a potential product / service content and its correlation to its pricing. This is a critical market research example because more than half of all market research surveys are for product evaluations in correlation to pricing models.

This brings us to our next example.

Conjoint Analysis survey : Whenever you want to study a product or service and its correlation to pricing or any other attribute – conjoint analysis survey is the best template to move forward. Conjoint analysis is used to undertake studies that want to understand how one aspect or feature may affect purchasing or choice pattern for another feature and the entire product overall.

Advertising Effectiveness survey : Any marketing or advertising campaign has to answer for its effectiveness, ROI and consumer / audience impact. This example template covers the important and standard questions that must be included in your next advertising effectiveness survey such that you can draw insightful conclusions on how well your campaign was able to perform, make your audience aware of your brand and how well could you convince them to purchase your product!

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  1. Customer Satisfaction

As businesses become more customer centric, bench-marking on customer satisfaction using surveys has become a defined metric for customer success. Here are a few examples for your next customer satisfaction evaluation survey:

Net Promoter Score Survey : Any customer experience evaluation must include the most critical and also the most heavily used survey – the Net Promoter Score question. What makes this customer question so important is that it provides you with a numeric metric on the basis of how your customer’s experience was, was it good enough for them to recommend your brand to friends and family or whether they are potential brand detractor. As a business, you need answers to these questions and the NPS survey gets you this insight with just a single question.

Product Satisfaction Survey : This survey example explores customer feedback based on their experience with the product as well as the organization at points of contact of purchase and post-purchase support. For any business or non-profit, wanting to understand customer satisfaction with their product is a critical step towards improving overall customer experience – through product changes as well as service improvements.

This brings us to our next survey example.

Motivation and Buying Experience : While it is great to understand customer experience with your product – you need to dig deeper to the source if you want to make fundamental changes that increases your product purchases. You need to understand “why” people buy your product, how was their buying experience and what you need to do to leverage your existing advantages over competition and what you need to do to improve it further.

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  1. Human Resources and Employee Evaluation

The buzz of employee engagement has caused most of the mature industries to understand how employee engagement and motivation can affect their productivity and commitment towards product / service improvements and customer success.

Here are a few great survey examples to evaluate if your human resources are motivated and contribute towards creating a winning work culture:

Job Satisfaction Survey : A popular saying goes like this – “If you want satisfied customers, you need satisfied employees”. What it means is that your employees are the resources that keep your customers happy – every employee work division is ultimately geared towards getting more customers and keeping them satisfied. If an employee is unsatisfied with their job, their is a good chance that they won’t be able to provide a dedicated and satisfactory output that satisfies your customers either. Therefore, first begin to understand how your employees feel at work using this survey example.

Supervisor Evaluation Survey : Managers and supervisors form the first layer of employee hierarchy and ar responsible for translating company values and team motivation down to the last employee. This makes it critically important to evaluate if your managers / supervisors are well trained to carry out their daily tasks and if you need to make improvements to your mid-management process.

Senior Management Survey : Employees, managers / supervisors and now the cycle completes with collecting feedback for the senior-most management and leadership teams, including your executive team. After their immediate reporting managers, every employee of an organization looks up to the senior management for references and motivations. Through ideas and actions, the senior management must be well equipped to drive the core values of your organization and trickle down employee motivation and team building skills.

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  1. Academic Evaluation

Colleges, schools and academic institutions are becoming increasingly active in collecting insightful feedback through surveys. More and more educational power houses now want to conduct academic surveys where they want to actively collect feedback from students, parents and professors to improve their quality of education.

Here are some popular survey examples:

Professor Evaluation Survey : Professors are “gurus”. What they know, needs to be passed down to every generation that studies under them with on-hands experience in conducting case studies and research projects together. A University’s collective reputation begins with the quality of education imparted by its professors. This survey example collects feedback on professors for great insights on what can be improved in your current standards and what your professors are doing great.

Student Stress Evaluation Survey : Student stress is a major reason for student drop-outs and even suicides. A University’s reputation depends heavily on how it helps students cope with stress from studies and academic processes. Use this survey example to survey your students for signs of stress and fatigue. Moreover, this is also the time when students learn how to deal with stress, a stress that comes with making career decisions as well. This is the time you can train your students on stress management, in their student lives as well as ahead in their job and profession.

Graduation / University Completion Survey : Your exiting students are the best source for collecting feedback on your University. Your students who have successfully accomplished their degrees are not just success stories, but also stories of their experience at the university, what they felt helped them complete their studies and also what they found to have hindered progress. This is a great survey example for your next academic survey!

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  1. Psychographic and Demographics

Psychology and demographic surveys are important to researchers in most fields because these surveys focus on understanding the psychology and demographic categorization of a respondent.

Here are some great survey examples :

Lifestyle Survey : This survey example explores the general lifestyle of a respondent and collects feedback on some basic demographic questions. This survey forms a good foundation for any psychological profile survey of a demographic segment or consumer base. This can also form the basis for a territorial survey of a particular region’s lifestyle and general choices.

Internet / Web Demographic Survey : In today’s increasing online world where most decisions and actions are made over the internet, it is important to understand not just the lifestyle of a demographic, but also their behaviour and preference while browsing the internet. This survey example will help you formulate the template needed for your next web survey.

Business / Profession Survey : Another fundamental survey example for any psychographic / demographic researcher is the business and profession survey. This survey helps you capture details of the respondent’s profession, along with basic demographics.

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