ATOMS; 1 tool to rule ’em all; noob MR pros; Benedict “Big Data” Cumberbatch; 10 trends for ’15. This is today’s #FridayFive.

FridayFiveWhat a week of thought-provoking content!

Today’s dose of #FridayFive is packed with mind-boggling commentary you want to read about.

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Harnessing the New Marketing ATOM – Greenbook Blog

The old way to market: whatever you’re doing now. The new way to market in today’s digital age: Audience, Technology, Operating practice, Metrics.

22 Ways to Enhance your Marketing with Just one Tool – Small Business Trends

In the spirit of transparency, we had a hand in bringing this content to market. But it’s a foundation for thinking outside the box, please take a look.

What Advice would you Give to Somebody Entering the Market Research Profession – NewMR

Hint: It’s not “Don’t even think about it.”

Benedict Cumberbatch’s New Film Throws Spotlight On Big Data – Forbes

90% of data in the world today has been created in the past two years!?!? Good stuff.

Top 10 Marketing Trends for 2015 – ResearchAccess

WARNING: This is NOT a cliche list of common-sense marketing tactics you should ignore (read: READ).