#FridayFive – Stories from Around the Web 14

To wrap up this week, how about the #FridayFive with some articles about marketing, market research and small biz? Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!


Sneakernomics: Marketing With Millennials (Forbes)

Matt Powell discusses marketing to Millennials, and describes quite a few characteristics that this very large group possesses.


If You Have Not Mastered Marketing on LinkedIn, You May Be Losing Business (Small Business Trends)

Have you ever thought to use LinkedIn for marketing? Mark Amtower goes over how you can take advantage of this huge network which now has over 300 million members.

Do Marketing Measurements Matter in a Real Time World? (GreenBook)

Writing for GreenBook, Ellen Woods goes over the phenomenon of multi-channel marketing in a digital world compared to traditional approaches.


My Take on Social Media (NewMR)

Tara Lyons, Managing Director of Indiefield,, gives her take on social media and how her market research company uses it in their marketing practices.


Q&A: How research partners can take advantage of big changes in MR (Quirks)

The staff at Quirk’s gives us a complete Q&A session with Tyrone Almeida, Director of Insights & Planning at the Kellogg Company.