#FridayFive: Stories from Around the Web 19

Happy Friday everyone! Here are a five stories from this week that either made us think deeper, laugh harder or pause everything to share with a neighbor. We hope you enjoy the stories – AND your weekend!

You’re Not A Leader If You Can’t Lead Your Own Parents (Forbes)
Keen insight into a unique leadership-ability barometer we may not be considering. Talk about ‘managing up!’


Watch These Metrics to Measure YouTube Marketing Success (Small Business Trends)

Get it? “Watch”? Seriously though – one can go quite deep and gain a LOT of information about activity on one’s YouTube channel.


Most Americans Would Consider Buying Self-Driving Cars (Mashable)

According to a survey by Insurance.com, most of us are in favor of autonomous vehicles. Are you ready to take a back-seat to a computer?


5 Small Business Success Secrets That Work For Big Business (Forbes)

Big or small, certain activities consistently yield results – are you employing these in your role?


Brain Scans, Cultural Popularity And Sample Sizes (GreenBook Blog)

Wait — does that mean our respondents will soon be able to ‘think’ their answers?!?