How a negative Customer Experience got me in retail therapy

You judge it

The first thing that comes to mind when we talk about customer service is the experience we had at the store, at a restaurant, airport, hairdressers – you name it. You definitely know if you’re receiving good customer service – you judge it! Did the nice lady at the shop smile at you, ask you how your day was offered you samples? Did she tell you not to worry when you accidentally smashed the expensive tea set across the store? You judge your experience by timelines, the accuracy of deliveries, and the overall feeling that the brand left you with.

And I could not emphasize more – how important customer experience is today. It is apparent when stores, certain brands are delivering on their promises, offering great experience and customer service, and yet when others  – not a smooth one, to say the least. Here are a few points that paint the picture of my shopping experience from last night, when all I wanted to get was some Bud light and Froyo.

  1. The husband and wife shoppers clearly should NOT shop together. Do they even eat from the same freakin’ fridge?
  2. There is always the one who is lost….The shopper who has NO clue he is in the grocery store!
  3. Almost getting hit by a shopping cart. Yelp!!! You guessed it – by the lost person. Why the HECK are you here?!
  4. The shopper suddenly falls asleep in front of the exact item you need. I mean really  – how long are you going to stand and stare –  it’s @#$ sugar! Do you want diabetes or not!?
  5. The shopper stops in the middle of the aisle with their shopping cart.
  6. The shopper  – 3 kids, husband, and cart – stop in the middle of the (CENSORED) aisle!
  7. Both groups above and I included keeping all saying “I’m sorry” and “excuse me”! #redflag on the play. This is like traffic school 101. Lane control, people lane control.
  8. Being asked, “Can I help you find anything today”. Look, it is 2016. What you can do is – put an item in places that make sense and find me a way out of this maze because I am tired of being hit by shopping carts and tripping over the weekend at Bernie’s who has no business in this store.
  9. Finally, the moment when you fill up your shopping cart and realize you have left your wallet in the car because it is gym day. Now you have to promise the clerk you will be right back. (Try this as a black man and without making the clerk’s eyes roll).

While, yes, the Lost One, The Husband and 3 Kids cannot exactly be banned from the store, and it is my bad for not bringing money when I go shopping, but the store can figure out better logistics and operations to accommodate all types of shoppers and their needs and the clerk can have a better attitude, offering better customer service and ultimately a better shopping experience! Wait…did I already mention, how important customer satisfaction is?

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