How not to Babysit Your iPad at a Trade Show

You won’t believe what I saw at a recent trade show event!  I had several iPads tethered to our exhibit kiosk that were supposed to be used for collecting attendee information, preferences, leads, etc.  I was using SurveyPocket for that and all was working fairly well — except on that particular day.

When I finished a conversation with a client and turned around — there were several people MAKING RESTAURANT RESERVATIONS on my iPad!  I know — where are people’s manners these days!

The point here is that while I had those iPads set up with SurveyPocket to be used as a lead generation system – when left unattended, they were hijacked by folks who walked up to our booth and literally decided to use them as a public device!

I’m not sure if you’ve had this problem before – enough people must have because now SurveyPocket has a feature called “Kiosk” mode.

Kiosk Mode will ensure that survey takers cannot exit the SurveyPocket app and start using your tablet to surf the web or play games! This is great for trade shows are other venues where you want to collect data using SurveyPocket un moderated.

Here’s how to install kiosk mode on your mobile device: