How QuestionPro is contributing to Digital India through its All India Academic Sponsorship Program

digital india



The Digital India campaign is raging up. From smartphones to smart cities, the idea of making people’s lives digitally smarter and connected is resonating profoundly with startups and businesses. So when we can make cities smarter, why not start with the educated youth of this nation, the grass root and foundation of the days to come.

That’s why we at QuestionPro innovated a unique way to contribute to the Digital India campaign – Through our Indian Academic Sponsorship Program.

Great nations start with its people making great decisions and great decision cannot be guesses. They need to be data-oriented facts on which business and product innovation decisions can be based upon. And this needs to start from the very bottom – the students, the future leaders.

Through our Academic Sponsorship Programme we intend to do exactly that. We are giving away premium university licensed accounts to students across hundreds of universities and colleges across India. Currently we have enrolled over 400+ such institutions including all IIMs, IITs and NITs.

We have a similar program running across several nations across the Globe. Our sole purpose through this movement is to help the next generation become better decision makers, better innovators and do better businesses that will have a positive impact on our entire economy at large.

Apart from the elaborate on-site training sessions, we are rigorously engaging with these students through social media, newsletters, live chat, webinars and a 24*7 helpline to encourage them to use more of our platform in the best way possible. Even as you read this blog we have a dedicated team of highly qualified individuals who are constantly innovating new ways to help these students achieve their goals through our cutting edge online survey software.

With our efforts we also hope to encourage other innovative tech firms to take such initiative that would inspire, encourage and benefit young students to make smarter decisions now and more importantly, once they enter the workforce of this nation whether as great assets to a firm or by starting on their own as entrepreneurs.