How to Get a Flood of New Customers in 30 Days

Before you read any further, let me just tell you that after you read this, you could literally get a customer in the next five minutes.  But I’m not going to promise that because each business is unique, and most people will just read this, agree or disagree and go on to the next fire they need to put out.  I just wanted you to know that this is how powerful the concepts I’m going to share with you are.  So I want you to get ready – and decide to do something with what you’ve learned. hands holding money

How is getting a flood of new customers like losing a ton of weight?

Well, there are really only two ways to lose weight.  Eat less and exercise more.  And, there are two ways to get a flood of new customers; sell the right stuff, to the right customer.  There you have it.  And now you know why there are as many “get more customers” books and programs as there are diets.  There are only two things to do and few people do them – well.

You can’t sell anything to everybody

There is a physical law in marketing just like there is the physical law of gravity.    The clearer you are on who your ideal customer is – and the more specific you are, the more of them will find you and buy from you (at any price).  Look behind any business that is crazy swamped and making money, and you’ll notice that they are very targeted (and persnickety)_ about who they sell to.  The secret is to look beyond the obvious demographics of gender, location and income level and look closer at what is important to that group of customers.  What motivates them to choose one business over another? This kind of observation requires patience, time and listening for what matters to customers and not talking and selling.

Identify your ideal customer and what matters to them

Create a document that outlines the following:

  • Company Name,
  • Location,
  • Revenues,
  • What they buy from you,
  • What triggered them to buy from you, etc. – think about an actual event “dropped cell phone in toilet”
  • What’s important to them when they are buying what you’re selling?

Now, highlight the customers you love that love you back – like if you had 100 more of these you would be happy.  You’ll see a pattern.

Give them an offer they can’t resist

Now that you have the profile completed, start with a clean slate and BE that ideal customer.  Create an offer they can’t resist.  Grab another document, create four columns; what’s important, what we offer, what’s in it for them, what if?  That last column is ideal for those creative ideas that pop up after you’ve gone through each column.  That’s the magic column that will get them to choose you every

Don’t forget that your survey is a key tool

One thing you may have thought as you were reading through this is how QuestionPro can really be a critical tool to helping you get a lot of this information — and that would be correct.

Instead of flooding your contacts with long surveys, consider creating a survey sequence that asks 3-5 questions at a time and use the surveys as a way to get into conversation with your community.  Your survey tool is a terrific way to transition people from your social media community into your own personal list.