How to Unleash The Holidays Insights Force

Collecting costumer insights is a year round practice that should not be taken lightly. But how can we do it during the busiest time of the year? How can we unleash this powerful source of information during the Holidays, when everyone is fighting for the same goals: sales?

Here are a few insights that I have learned, some on the hard way, and that is now helping me plan my own campaigns.


Plan Ahead

Planning ahead does pay back. So take the time to set up your Holidays goals, connect with your customers and execute. If your goal is to understand your target behavior during the holidays, then plan activities that will help you understand their behavior patterns during this time. If the goal is t understand what triggers them to click on the ‘checkout’ button, then plan an activity that will give you those answers. My point is that we often talk about the planning campaigns, but this practice is often underestimated, and so is the practice of setting a goal. Also, remember that the formulas and recipes used on previous campaigns are not going to apply for the new ones you are creating. Your customers change, and so should your campaigns. Be ready to reinvent your planning.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Insights. Ever!

When you truly know your customers  and have a deep understanding of their needs and expectations, you are more skilled and prepared to deliver. It is as simple as that. But we keep still neglecting this fact. Well, don’t anymore. Go directly to the source of your company’s force, and you will soon be able to deliver products and services that relate to their needs.

An example of the power of consumer insights is this year’s staggering 10% sales fall on Black Friday’s. It has taught us valuable lesson: focus on previous customers insights and plan accordingly. Had the campaigns been focused on previous loyal customers insights would the results be different? Most likely yes! However, many companies still don’t value insights properly, and keep missing the mark, or better saying, their customers.

Ask for Feedback. Don’t Wait for it!

Your loyal customers are willing and ready to give you feedback on your products and services. They are the ones using them! But don’t expect that feedback will to be placed on a silver plate by your front door or wrapped under your christmas tree. In fact, your customers expect you to reach out to them with questions.

When doing so, be prepared to bring meaning and value to the conversation. Make the conversation meaningful and relevant. This is your opportunity to ask questions that will truly impact your customers experience, your products and services solutions, and that will motivate your customers to start advocating for you. Take advantage of the opportunity and your customers time, and ask them to share their positive experience with their network. Oh, and don’t forget! Find ways to reward them, they are also looking forward to that.

Time to Take Some Risks and Experiment

Now that you have the answers from your target audience, and know what your audience expects from your products and services, it is time to take action. Use the knowledge you now have to create engaging and fun campaigns that can also reach out to your larger audience, if not expand it. Some of the most effective and creative campaigns are from risk takers that always consider the core needs of their target audience. If you are willing to expand your audience, experiment it, take further risks, but always keep in mind the needs of your loyal customers.

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*Source: ShopperTrak

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