How to Use an Action Alert


Those of you that have been following our blog for a while now might remember this post we ran back in October of last year about action alerts. Even though we’ve already covered it once, this is such a useful tool that I really think we need to give it a little more love so you are able to take full advantage.

Action alerts can be critical to your company’s success, whether it be for a satisfied customer looking to buy more of your product, or it’s an unsatisfied customer that needs help, and needs it now. With QuestionPro’s “Action Alerts” it’s easy to instantly act on a customer’s responses to your survey questions.

How to Use an Action Alert

  • To set up an action alert, open the survey you want to add it to, and then scroll down the left hand navigation bar to click “Email Notifications”. image
  • If the “Action Alerts” feature is not enabled, select the option “Enable Action Alert” to enable this feature on your survey.
  • Click on the New Action Alert Button for adding an Action alert to your survey.
  • Click on the Add New Criteria link to set up the required criteria.image
  • Once at least one criteria is created, make sure that the criteria that you are interested in is enabled. This is done by checking the check-box next to the criteria.
  • After selecting the criteria, you’ll have to specify what exactly should happen after the criteria is met. This is done by completing the action alert rule i.e. specify the Action, Email From, Subject and click on “Save Changes” button.
  • Test out the rule by previewing and taking the survey. Make sure you choose the options in the survey that trigger the group/rule and you should be getting emails depending upon what actions you choose!

Again, I don’t think I can emphasize enough how important it is for people to provide prompt answers, help, and customer service — in today’s world, this alone can make or break a business.