How to Use the Anti-Ballot Box Stuffing Feature for Online Surveys

One of the lesser known features inside of QuestionPro is the Anti-Ballot Box Stuffing feature.   This online survey features isn’t as ominous as it sounds — it’s actually very handy.

What is Anti-Ballot Box Stuffing and When Should I Use it?

Anti-Ballot Box Stuffing makes sure that your respondents only fill out their survey ONCE.   This feature is critical for customer satisfaction surveys or brand recognition surveys where you want one and only one response per respondent.

How it Works

When a respondent takes their survey, a cookie is sent to their computer.  These cookies prevent the respondent from taking the survey more than once.     Another tracking component is linked to a respondents email address.  If you uploaded a list and sent invitations to respondents from an email list – then once that respondent has completed a survey, they cannot complete another one.

To use Anti-Ballot Box Stuffing or Not to?

I like to use this feature mostly for customer satisfaction and branding.  I’m curious about where YOU like to use this feature.  I’m sure that there are other even better examples that I would love to hear about.

This feature can be a sort of nuisance to respondents — especially if it’s not necessary.  For example, if you’re giving a “fun” survey or a survey that you’d like to use as a poll or a survey that you want to build engagement over – then this feature isn’t really necessary.

How to set up Anti-Ballot Box Stuffing

Setting up this feature is EASY.  Simply Login » Surveys » (Select Survey) » Survey Control » Security