Mobile Mobile Everywhere!

I just ran into this statistic that didn’t surprise me at all : 43% of all emails are opened inside of a mobile phone

Here are a few more stats that I’ve pulled from the article 22 Amazing Mobile Email Marketing Statistics


• Global sales of smartphones will grow about 46% this year to 687.9 million units and top 1 billion units in 2014.
Source: Reuters (April, 2012)

• Smartphone Ownership Has Tripled in Two Years
• 44% of all Americans age 12 and over own a smartphone, representing half of all cell phone owners.
Source: Edison Research (April, 2012)

• There are 234 million mobile users in the US.
• Of the 234 million, 90.1 million are smartphone users
• The 90.1 million smartphone users represent 38% of all mobile users
• The 38% of smartphone users represent 28.8% of the US population
Source: eMarketer (August, 2011)

So what does that mean for those of us who work with surveys?  Personally, I think it’s a good thing.  Over the last three years I’ve seen my ability to reach people at their desk dwindle to nothing.  So doing phone surveys has gotten increasingly more difficult.

What I’ve found to be more effective is using email to reach and schedule phone interviews and then after the phone interview, I email them a short survey.  This methodology has not only improved my response rates, it’s saved me (and my clients) time and money (oh — and some significant frustration).

These statistics about mobile devices and my experience with reaching respondents just confirm how critical it is to be able to insert yourself inside your respondent’s day so that you can grab their attention and their feedback.

QuestionPro makes it really easy to do that:

  • Use QR codes on your packaging and communications that drive people to your survey.
  • Send respondents email links to short surveys they can complete online
  • Treat your respondents more like a survey panel and send them an email with a link to a picture question type where they can upload pictures of how they are using your products or services.

What are some other creative ways that you can incorporate the broader use of mobile devices with surveys?  Share them here.