Mobile – Offline Logic

Everything a person does is a decision, everything a computer does is logical reasoning. Since neither of these is straight forward why should a survey be? Some companies have support for complex logic on their web platform but next to none on their mobile apps. That’s where we come in.

The QuestionPro – Offline Surveys app for mobile supports not only simple logic like branching but also advanced multi-question logic. These logic types can do quite a few things like a branch to different subsections of the survey, hide questions based on answers to previous questions as well as give respondents a score for their answers. The top logic types that are supported are below:

  • Skip Branching: Skip though simple is used to branch the survey to another question that appears later on. Useful if there are sections to be answered based on a single question.
  • Compound/Delayed Branching: Compound/Delayed is another branching type but unlike skip branching which triggers immediately and is based on a single question, the compound can be used later as well as can be based on multiple questions. Useful when a section has to be answered if they meet a requirement across some questions.
  • Scoring: Scoring can be used to assign points to different answer options. The respondent will have a score which is the total value of all answer options selected. The values can be either positive or negative. This is perfect for a quiz or a feedback score.
  • Show/Hide Questions: Show/Hide Questions lets single questions be a show or hidden depending on answers to previous questions. Useful if a single question has to be hidden based on previous answers.
  • Show/Hide Options: Similar to Show/Hide Question except that it hides options instead of questions. Useful for cases when it is obvious that a certain option is not needed.
  • Dynamic Comments: Dynamic comments are pop up comments that can be shown on only certain options instead of all. This is on the spot and only show when the option is selected but at the same time do not need an additional button to be pressed. Should be used when one option needs an explanation more than others.
  • Along with these the QuestionPro – Offline Surveys and the offline survey mobile app has a lot more subtle logic types like exclusive options and forcing questions to total to the value entered in another.

You can download the app with all the logic for iOS and Android at: