Mobiles are not killing PCs

I love my little Nexus 4 and the various tabs I keep around. Now that my Nexus 4 is feeling loved again I also want to say that none of these devices have a chance against my desktop in any field except portability. I don’t own a laptop because I’m one of those people who is not fond of grey areas, I like to go either full desktop or full mobile.

I hear quite often that desktops/PCs are dying and while it is true that mobile devices are huge in usage now days they are not going to overthrow PCs for quite a while and you are about to find out why:
Mobile Devices don’t let me pick my internal hardware: I had spoken some time ago about where I see mobile going next, that post was towards making device hardware modular. The point at the time was that I cannot pick and choose the hardware for my device, this is especially true for people in specialized fields like sound engineering who would need a sound card.
Lack of standardization: Because of how varied PCs are it is not a good move for a manufacturer to lock other hardware comments so everyone plays using a common standard like USB. This does not exist in Mobile with Samsung & Apple both using their own styles making addon hardware difficult.
Software Lockout: This is a little similar to the last point but from the software side of things. With mobiles being as locked as they are from the bootloader and systems using Knox no one can really use their mobiles as they want to. They can’t switch to a mobile that has the feature they need at the drop of a hat since hardware is lot more expensive than software.
Pure Performance: Without the constraints of size and battery life PCs can evolve very blindly towards being faster and bigger. This lets the hardware market grow extremely rapidly, sometimes even faster than Moore’s Law, as a result it could be something as small as a year’s wait in the desktop market for a project to go from being unachievable to completely doable.

Because of the above, it is doubtful that Mobile will replace PCs in the coming years. At least my GPU knows that it has no threat from a mobile card for years to come