Moving beyond online survey tools – How innovative survey analytics is the next big leap

Moving beyond online survey tools – How innovative survey analytics is the next big leap

There seems to be no end to the surprises that come from big data. From healthcare to weather predictions, big data analytics has managed to touch upon and dramatically change the amount of insights we had about almost every aspect life and business in a relatively short span of time. This same trend is showing its effects in the way businesses analysed their data from consumer and employee surveys.

Online survey tools have been around since the “dot com bubble”. Companies like QuestionPro has changed the way businesses collected data about consumer behaviour and feedback, market research and employee perception about their own company.

Evolving with customer needs

As it happens with every technology, if you don’t evolve you don’t exist. Businesses no longer hope for analytics to be bundled with data capture platforms like online survey tools, they most certainly expect it.

For a long time organizations across the board have had to go through a series a teams or outsourced companies to get a single job done – Market Research. First they had to create the survey, then another team used to collect the data, then get the data organized, then get the data analysed, get the visuals ready and finally create the final report.

Bundling survey data collection with survey analytics

But thanks to QuestionPro’s integrated online survey software, businesses can now create, send, collect and analyse market research and employee feedback surveys using the same platform. Our 360 degree survey software has in fact automated majority of the work for you.

You can select from over 50 ready-made survey templates and themes or create your own custom survey using drag and drop functions. Once that is ready and you send the survey to your database, you simply need to wait and let automated technology do the rest – collection, analysis and visualization of the data.

Proactive and predictive response to the market

Only a handful of survey software companies were able to survive and grow in these 15 years of rigorous technology evolutions. Being the pioneer in this field, QuestionPro has never just flowed with the trend, we were effectively predicting user needs and creating the trend with pro-active survey analytics solutions.

We continue to evolve our platform with the philosophy of “delivering solutions before users have to ask for them”. This is why we are the world leader in online survey tools and analytics.