Neurosales: What they are & how do it right

How can we get to connect better with our clients? Why won’t some clients let us tell them the day’s offers? Why do some practically run away when I get close to them? Am I the problem? Thanks to neurosales, and the tips that we will share with you, many of these questions will be been answered.

With these tips, you will have at your disposal new tools that will allow you to connect more closely and reliably with your customers. But first, let’s take a quick look at what neuroselling is and why we should implement it in our day-to-day lives.

What are neurosales?

Selling communicates and connects at an unconscious level with our clients to calm their fears. But this is not a matter of luck, you need to train yourself to know how your client’s behavior works, both to capture his attention and how to impact his unconscious.

This is how neurosales arise with basic knowledge of neuromarketing, neuroscience, communication, neurolinguistic programming, psychology and neuropsychology.

Making neurosales a methodology focused on connecting correctly and effectively with consumers, based on a comprehensive vision of the human being: rational, emotional and instinctive.

A key point of neuroselling is to understand that a large part of our purchase decisions are unconscious, according to Zaltman, a professor at Harvard Business School, 95% are unconscious!

What are neurosales used for?

Neuro-selling has become a great tool to learn how consumers think, feel and act when making a purchase decision.

In addition, it allows you to work on yourself to identify all those factors that influence the consumer and thus strengthen the bond between the seller and the client, understanding the client’s emotions and behaviors.

As we already mentioned, sales are communication, and in every communication two are needed for the message to flow, so both the client and the seller must be in the same relationship, and with neurosales this communication relationship is easier. to achieve.

5 neurosales tips for connecting with your customers

With neurosales, you have the necessary tools to enhance your skills. Today we want to focus on these 5 neurosales tips so that you connect more deeply with your customers.

1. Create bonds, not transactions

I won’t get tired of repeating it; sales are nothing more than simply buying and selling transactions, they are a relationship between two people, and, as in any connection, trust is a fundamental pillar.

2. Listen more than you talk

Although you have undoubtedly seen this neurosales tip elsewhere or already knew it, because it is another of the most important in sales, I want to talk to you about something more profound, about the meaning of the words used by the client.

A crucial part of neurosales is psychology, so understanding beyond your client’s words can give you clues on how to guide them to acquire a solution with your product.

It is not just about “listening” to find what you are looking for or what your need is, based on the words used by the client. It is even possible to improve sales channels by differentiating general behavior between men and women in purchases.

3. Talk with your body

Perhaps the most challenging thing when training in neurosales is mastering oneself; although we can swallow words so as not to respond in a wrong way, our body will hardly be able to lie.

For this reason, in this neuroselling tip, we want to deal with non-verbal language when interacting with a client.

By understanding the non-verbal language, you can even discover the lies that your client tells when objecting.

Many specialists in kinesis or kinesis mention that the body follows the beat of the words, and the listener enters the same rhythm, both interlocutors end up synchronized.

4. Understands the client/product biological code

Within neurosales, it is essential to understand that we are human beings above all; we share biology and basic needs in our brain to survive.

5. Everything is practice

So far, we have already seen with the neurosales tips that the first thing is to generate empathy with the client, to then know what type of client he is from his words, to proceed to communicate with our body and create the rhythm of communication that we want to carry without becoming too intrusive by respecting their personal space.

Remember that everything is practice, and to connect more with your customers you must improve yourself every day.

So now you know, in the art of selling you must first start with yourself and then connect with others, always with a positive attitude and your neurosales tips under your arm.

It is key to understand consumer behavior based on their most basic needs, to understand that we are all human and have traits in common, be it culture or habits.

I invite you to discover more about your customers to improve your connection with them. Qualitative research is a powerful tool to find out.