New Survey Navigation Menu Changes


New Core QuestionPro Navigation Menu

On September 29th, 2018, we’re making some changes to the QuestionPro navigation for creating, distributing and analyzing your surveys. Don’t worry, all the features you have come to expect are still available, we are only changing the names and location of a handful of features in order to make the overall experience easier to navigate.

Upon login, once you select a survey, you will see the primary navigation menu that consists of:

Edit – Distribute – Analytics – Integration

Edit Workspace

  • Edit – This is where all the editing and custom setting options reside.
  • Distribute – Send menu is now Distribute. Includes email, social media, intercepts, QR codes and more. New to the Distribute menu is the Mobile distribution options.
  • Analytics – Reports and Manage Data options have merged under Analytics.
  • Integration – Integration remains the same.

Edit Menu

Edit Workspace Enterprise View

  • There are no changes to the Workspace, Design, Media Library, and Languages menu.

Edit Survey Settings

  • Settings – All survey setting tools that customize the experience of taking a survey and receiving alerts and notifications are now available here. What got moved:
    • Notifications – Include action alerts, email notification settings and more
    • Security – Customize the ability to limit survey access beginning and completing a survey
  • Finish Options – Completion menu is now Finish Options and is where you customize  the action after the completion of a survey.

Survey Rewards

  • Rewards – Moved under Edit > Settings > Finish Options, survey administrators can offer incentives and rewards upon the completion of a survey.

For those with a Team or Enterprise Edition license, you will have access to two additional Edit menu options under Edit:

  • Advanced Quota – Helps to limit the responses to surveys based on responses to survey questions or system variable/geolocation.
  • Variables – Formally known as Custom Variable mapping, this allows admins to customize and rename custom variable fields.

Distribute Menu

Distribute Survey Email

Distribute – Send is now Distribute menu, which offers multiple ways to deploy a market research survey.

  • Email and Embed menus remain the same.
  • Share -The Social menu is now Share, where you can access social sharing options along with QR codes.
  • Audience – Expert Services is now Audience, where you can purchase respondents for survey projects.
  • Mobile –  New to the Distribute menu, Mobile options allow you to set up and manage offline survey devices for collecting responses in the field – no wifi or 4G needed.

Analytics Menu

Analytics Dashboard

Reports menu is now Analytics. Everything related to the management and analysis of data has been moved under Analytics. The updates include:

  • Automatic default to the dashboard view after clicking Analytics.
  • Each menu under Analytics is a drop-down with access to various reports, analytics and data management tools as seen before.
  • Reports – Access the dashboard report, participant statistics, and survey responses.
  • Analytics – Find all the basic and advanced analysis tools.
  • Text Analytics – Find all text analysis tools including word cloud and text categorization.
  • Choice Modeling – Access Conjoint, MaxDiff and TURF analytic tools
  • Manage Data – Data management tools includes all download options and history for the entire account.


We understand the new menu navigation updates may take a small learning curve to get used to and we are here to help every step of the way. If you have questions or comments, please visit our help center where you can access our knowledge base or chat live with our customer support.