Now You Can Send Your Survey With Just 2 Clicks!

imageYou may have noticed over the past few weeks that we’ve been rolling out some changes to the survey sending interface.  This tab basically collects all the functionality around getting your survey in front of respondents.  What was more commonly a task for email has expanded in the recent years with Facebook, Twitter and other website intercept techniques.

As far as emailing goes, we’ve retained all of the flexibility that has always existed for creating emails and email lists.

Some notable changes:

  • Most importantly: Getting a simple email out the door to a list of respondents is now a quick and easy two step process….down from the 5+ steps we had before.
  • Multiple versions of a survey invitation for a single survey.
  • Sent Items screen that shows all of the batches of emails that went out the door chronologically newest to oldest.
  • Website Intercept is a new screen with a variety of Javascript code snippets to embed survey invitations into a website.
  • Consolidated a bunch of screens.  Hopefully things are much easier to find.

Again, all of the functionality that existed before is still there, along with all of the detailed statistics on response rates, bounces, unsubscribes, etc.

Clicking Send Survey brings you to a landing page with a link to the most important ways to get a survey out the door (at least, the ones that we can think of).  So far we have:

  • Link – Just a good ‘old fashioned’ link to the survey.  Put this any way you’d like.
  • Email – As mentioned above, this process has been streamlined.
  • Website Intercept – Javascript code snippets for embedding survey invitations.
  • Facebook – Post the survey to your Facebook profile.
  • Twitter – Tweet a survey invite.

Which should you use?…Use them all!

Let us know if you have ideas for others!  Just click on the “Feedback” tab” and you’ll be directed over to our IdeaScale Account where you can post your ideas and recommendations, vote for ideas you like and comment on others ideas!