Online Suggestion Box: What It Is + How to Implement It

With an online suggestion box, customers can give their comments whenever they want, even from their mobile devices, and companies can make an instant review of the comments offered.

What is an online suggestion box

An online suggestion box is a tool used to collect customer feedback. Generally, when responding, people can remain anonymous.

Businesses use suggestion boxes to get customer feedback and allow them to share their opinions about the service and shopping experience. This way, they can get great ideas to improve their processes.

How to implement an online suggestion box

You can create a suggestion box, for example by putting a button on your website and have an online form that allows you to obtain customer feedback. You can also embed a survey on one of your high-traffic pages or share your survey link in customer support chat

If you want to start using an online suggestion box in your company, we have this guide for you that will help you achieve it easily:

Keep the process professional and anonymous

If you want your suggestion box to work, we recommend that the procedure be professional and that customers can respond anonymously if they prefer.

Make sure customers understand the process and mention the importance of the mailbox not being a tool for complaining or criticizing other people.

Choose a moderator

Choose a trained employee who understands the data collection process and will ensure the process is carried out. This moderator can review suggestions offered by customers and remove biased comments.

This will ensure you don’t waste time strategizing to improve the customer experience.

We also recommend creating a team responsible for analyzing and strategizing with customer feedback and overseeing its execution.

Make the right changes

For this process to work properly and produce good results, it is essential to consider the good ideas offered by customers. This way, they will know that you are taking them into account and valuing their comments.

As a leader, you should be open to suggestions from other people about your business. It is a fact that not all of them will be suitable for the processes and policies of your company, but it is not harmful to have an open mind.

Use the right system to collect reviews

Platforms like QuestionPro allow you to collect customer information and view it in real-time.

In addition, it offers you a large number of options to obtain these comments, such as the use of mobile devices to collect the information, either through a form in kiosk mode, sending it through email, MSN, or on its website.

Benefits of implementing an online suggestion box

Among the main benefits of having a suggestion box are the following:

It allows you to get creative ideas from your clients that they would not otherwise offer, thus creating better-targeted strategies.

Encourage innovative thinking among your employees by designing strategies that promote a positive customer experience. Your organization’s leaders can see a new panorama or better visualize the areas that need adjustments that they had not considered before.

It is an excellent opportunity to improve your service and create new and innovative products.

Disadvantages of using an online suggestion box

Some of the disadvantages of creating an online suggestion box are the following:

  • Some customers will hide behind anonymity to send rude comments that they wouldn’t otherwise say.
  • Some clients will not give you constructive criticism but will use it to complain.
  • The process may be a waste of time and not produce results if there is no one to execute the changes.

Are you giving good customer service Implementing an online suggestion box can be a valuable and effective tool for any business, as long as it is done correctly? Make sure you implement the suggestions that customers offer to build their trust in your organization.

If you want to know more about how to make an online suggestion box, contact us. Schedule a demonstration of how our online data collection tool works.