PowerPoint/Word Export Enhancements

Couple of quick export enhancements that have gone online over the last couple of days:

PowerPoint Export:

Open Ended Comments
Ability to specify if you want the Open-Ended Text comments as part of the download. This allows you to create a single comprehensive PPT file that has  both the analytical data  as well as the open-ended text data. There is still the issue of the a large number of comments in a single slide. At this point, we are putting all the comment data in a single slide. In the future we’ll probably have an option to break the data into multiple slides. This does however increase the size of the PPT file considerably.

PowerPoint Templates:
We’ve included a standard set of PPT templates that you can use. Choose any template and the PPT file will use that template.

In the future we envision allowing for uploading a PPT template file and the system defaults to a custom template that you’ve uploaded.

Word Export:
We’ve also added in the option to download the presentation data in Word format. This becomes useful if you have a lot of open-ended text data. The Word document is a much better solution than the PPT file.

Detailed help for these upgrades are available here: