Public Opinion Research: What it is + Why it’s Important

We need to research to find out what the public wants, needs, and thinks or how the public feels about something. People are complicated, so public opinion research is often used to collect information that is hard to put into numbers. 

Because of this, qualitative methods can help researchers understand some of the more complicated opinions held by different groups of people.

Surveys are often used to find out what the public thinks, but other ways, like focus groups, interviews, and public engagement sessions, can also be used. 

For example, you are making a workshop-style public consultation. You will probably get a lot of different opinions or experiences from people that would be hard to capture with multiple choice or scale-based survey questions.

What is public opinion research?

Public opinion research is as a complicated combination of the viewpoints of many different people. Surveys, in-depth interviews, and focus groups are all common methods used in this research to analyze a random sample of a large population to measure their opinions.

Additionally, it helps to understand how the public views the organization. It also allows organizations to know what the public needs or wants. And for this type of benefit, businesses appreciate research on public opinion.

Now we will explore the importance of research on public opinion in detail to help you to grow your business in an organized way.

Effective marketing: Using public opinion research

Customers now have more ways to interact with, review, boycott, or support brands. Because of this, companies are looking for any way to find out what most people think before taking a public stance on an issue. These things outside of a person’s control can affect how they spend or invest their money. Researching how the public feels about the economy, the political climate, a cultural movement, etc., can help businesses figure out how their customers feel about these things.

As brands try to become more aware of how people feel about them, they’ve learned that a small mistake can have big effects. On the other hand, a campaign that really resonates with buyers can be a home run by reaching new audiences and strengthening customer engagement. 

More specifically, this strategy is called Movement Marketing. When movement marketing is done well, it can lead to excellent results that help a brand go far beyond just goods and services. 

A more in-depth look at research on public opinion could also identify the predominant attitudes of a particular market sector. Analyzing and visualizing demographic data from any market or opinion research is possible using a platform like QuestionPro

A better understanding of the demographic characteristics of those who support or oppose a particular subject is more valuable than gold.

Importance of public opinion research

Public opinion plays a vital role in businesses. You need to research public opinion if you want to do better in the business world. Let’s explore why opinion research is essential in our further discussion.

  • Identifying data

Research on public opinion can help determine what kinds of information are important for an organization. It is essential to address organizational as well as service-related concerns.

  • Weighs public opinion on an issue

Opinion research helps weigh how the public feels about a particular issue. For example, when politicians ask voters what they think about local or national policies, news outlets like CBS News and The New York Times call to find out how people feel about recent news events. Or when Government contractors call to ask households about access to healthcare or social services.

  • Reflects public opinions and ideals

The concerns, attitudes, and values of the general public are reflected in research on public opinion. It helps to identify the most prominent problem people feel. It also helps to point out which issues are most important to solve for your organization.

  • It helps allocate tax dollars

Through this research, we can better understand the areas that require additional tax funding. Survey results can be used to assist in determining how funds should be distributed within a community.

  • Helps to recognize customer’s problem

Opinion research can help companies determine if they’ve lost touch with their customers or aren’t meeting their needs. If they understand, It can also help them figure out how what seems like a passing trend will become the new normal in the future.


We learned about opinion research and why it is important for your organization from the above discussion. Research on public opinion can help any business, whether you think it is an essential tool for making decisions or a waste of time. 

Knowing what people think about your products, services, branding, marketing messages, and competitors is essential whether you are new in the business world or already a renowned business figure. In fact, research into public opinion can be used at every level of your organization.

QuestionPro helps businesses and organizations find out public opinion. We ask the right questions to the right people in the right way using QuestionPro research tools and apps as well as their survey software.