QuestionPro Launches Polling Product!



If you’ve logged into your QuestionPro account this week, you might have noticed our new product, QuestionPro Polling! You know that shiny green button that allows you to create a survey? Well, now we have one for “Create a Poll”. As you may recall, we acquired PollBob just over 6 weeks ago, which means we went from acquisition to product launch in just 6 weeks! Our developers worked their butts off to make it happen so quickly, so let’s take a look at the product and what makes it useful.

Polling Product Features:

Chained Polling: The ability to link multiple polls together in succession. By leveraging this ability, researchers can easily add dimensions and segmentation to their polling data. image

Correlating User Comments: The platform also allows researchers to correlate user comments with voting activity.image

Easy Embedding: Quickly embed your poll on your website, forum and blog, or distribute via Facebook and Twitter.image

5 Smart Ways to Use Polling:

1.) Create a poll, and use the results for blog fodder. If you’re ever short on content for your blog, there’s nothing people love more than research! Do some market research on a topic that interests your audience by posting a poll to your Facebook or Twitter. Not sure which topic you should use? Pick something out of the news — something surrounding politics or maybe a controversial outcome to a sports event (Seahawks vs. Green Bay, anyone?). After you write the blog article, be sure to share it in those same social media outlets so people can see your takeaways from the poll.

2.) Use polls to get product and service feedback. Thinking of rolling out a new product/feature/service? Use polls to see if people would find it valuable. Not sure what to prioritize next in your product update queue? Again, poll your social media community — Facebook fans, Twitter followers, etc. The great thing about your social media following is they can act as a focus group since they can contain an audience that’s relevant to your industry and your business.

3.) Use polls to conduct research. Let’s face it: sometimes a full blown survey isn’t the way to go. Maybe you only have one or two questions you’re looking to conduct research on, and it doesn’t make sense to go through the effort of creating an entire survey. Using the ‘Chain a Poll’ feature, you can ask two questions in a row during your poll and avoid that extra effort.

4.) Tweet polls to increase your social media audience. With a little momentum, information can spread like wildfire on sites like Twitter and Facebook. If you conducted a poll that garnered really interesting results, share it! You never know when something will go viral these days.

5.) Use polls to generate offers. Stuck on what your next marketing efforts should focus on? Not sure what to offer your customers? Again, a poll is the perfect way to discover the answer. You can ask what types of content assets your customers or audience prefer to download (white papers, webinars, ebooks, etc.) or ask which topics they want to learn more about. This type of feedback is crucial to ensuring your prospects and customers get what they need and want.

If you want to learn more about this awesome new product by registering for our webinar on Thursday, October 11th at 2 PM EST.