Better, more straightforward, faster is the mantra most businesses follow to achieve their organizational goals.
Automation is the control of processes or machines with the use of technology, computer software, and algorithms. Since the beginning of the 21st century, the word ‘Automation’ has become a way of life. From simple stuff like auto-filling a form on a website to more complicated things like autonomous driving, automation is only going to get deeper ingrained into our lives.

“Time is money.” – Benjamin Franklin.
When it comes to market research, time is of the essence as it helps to provide a distinct direction and lays the roadmap to quick decision making. The faster that decisions are made, the quicker can organizations adjust, realign and grow according to today’s fast-changing world.
QuestionPro understands this and knows the importance of time in our client’s lives.

What a time it is for African Americans to be represented in comic book movies, today’s most popular film genre. The ending of Avengers Endgame strongly suggests the next Captain America will be Black, while Black Panther remains the highest-grossing solo superhero movie ($1,346,913,161 globally).

What is multistage sampling?
Multistage sampling is a sampling method that divides the population into groups (or clusters) for conducting research. It is a complex form of cluster sampling, sometimes, also known as multistage cluster sampling. During this sampling method, significant clusters of the selected people are split into sub-groups at various stages to make it simpler for primary data collection.

What is IT panel research: Information Technology panel
An IT panel, also known as an Information Technology panel, is a group of pre-screened persons who are both interested and willing to participate in market research studies, online surveys, online focus groups, etc. These persons could be professionals working in various IT fields having sound knowledge of information technology.

Customer research is to conducted to gain knowledge about the market. Surveys must be designed accurately to collect reliable customer data and preferences from the right research audience. The collected data is analyzed and used to produce new insights.
The success or failure of the product or service can very well be determined based on the quality of information and insights from marketing research.