Website intercept surveys can increase your feedback response rates by upwards of 60%. Collecting customer feedback is critical because it’s the cornerstone of a successful online business. Without customers, there is no business. It is already tough to draw in customers into your company in the first place, so it’s critical that you work to keep them more than satisfied….

Google and QuestionPro have some intrinsic common values in their product lines – they are simple to use, are highly cost-competitive and they make your job so much easier!
In our effort to bring you the best of both Worlds, we have started a dedicated drive to integrate Google products with QuestionPro wherever suitable. In the latest edition, it is the Google Sheet Integration!

Customer Mission
Often times once a customer begins using a particular software—the dialogue between the user and the software company flatlines as the user is focused on the tool delivering the value they came for. Customers focus, driven by their own business objectives, shifts to learning and adapting the features in front of them quickly in efforts to extract as much value from the software as possible.

Our team has been working away on the new Edit Survey experience, but we’re also focusing on enhancements throughout the platform. We know that in our connected world, people are using more and more applications to be as productive as possible. With that in mind and to increase efficiency in the send survey experience, we have added an integration directly with Google Contacts!…