Revisiting the Gallup Q12 Part 1- Reader Response

There’s nothing quite like an over-the-top headline with an insane promise to get you reading, isn’t there?  But this is not as insane as it sounds.

The very smart folks over at the Gallup Organization have developed just such an employee survey; it’s called the Gallup Q12.  I wrote about this a while ago — and since that time, something like 1300+ people have answered those questions.

As we were having our blog editorial meeting, this subject came up and we went back and looked at the survey results that have accumulated since then.

We thought it was really cool that so many people had answered the questions.  Now granted, these results don’t exactly apply to a company per se — since our readership is working in so many different areas, but we thought it might be interesting to play along with an example that you’ve actually participated in to show you some of the cool ways that you can use your QuestionPro tool –

So — here are the results as they stand today:


Now, we’ve collected these results over time — but what we really want to know is whether your attitudes about your employment have changed since we first ran this survey back in December of 2009.

So, what we’d like you to do click on the survey link:  and answer the questions.  We will leave the survey open for about a week.  Then we will do some analysis and show you how we did the analysis and what we found.

In the meantime – take a stab at telling us what these results say to YOU about our community.