Schedule Survey Now To Be Sent Out at a Later Time

Schedule Survey Now To Be Sent Out at a Later TimeHave you heard the story of the Tortoise and the Hare? Let’s bring a twist to the story. The Hare prepares a survey with a few answer options such as the date, time, and venue for the race and decides to send it to the Tortoise on the weekend. The tortoise can choose the best suitable options from the survey. However on the weekend, the Hare himself had to leave the town and didn’t have access to the internet, hence, he was not able to send the survey out. The Hare was very sad and thought if only there was a way to schedule the date and time for the survey to go out, he would have scheduled it the moment he prepared the survey and before he left.

QuestionPro understands, that it is not just the Hare who has these problems. Many of our customers also wish to set a date and time for the survey to go out. Hence, we have created this feature allowing you to schedule the survey invitation date and time!

“Voila!” said the Hare. “Now that I have already prepared the survey, all I need to do is schedule a date and time to send it out, and prepare for the race.”

You can schedule the email invitation in 5 simple steps:

Click on Send >> Send Email Invitation >> Schedule Send. Now select the date and time you wish to set the schedule for and click on Schedule Invitation.

Schedule Survey Now To Be Sent Out at a Later Time

The Hare was so excited to learn about this new feature, that he decided to do a race with the Tortoise on a monthly basis. So, he prepared surveys and wants to send a survey invitation each month. Now the Hare had one big question: “I have many surveys. Can I schedule invitations for all of these?” The answer is – yes, you can create schedules for all your surveys.

The big day arrived, and the Hare lost the race! Heartbroken Hare wanted to cancel all the survey invites. But alas, he had set a schedule for all the invites! But QuestionPro has a solution for this too. You can easily delete any schedule by just clicking on the delete button next to the invites!

schedule send 2


We hope this feature will help you as well, and in addition, check out other survey distribution options that QuestionPro offers.