Methods to Send a Survey

To receive the required number of responses to a survey, it is important that you share the survey to potential respondents using multiple avenues. You can use both online and offline methods to share the survey.

What are some online methods of sending a survey?

1. From QuestionPro:

You can send an email invitation for the survey using QuestionPro’s server. You could opt for this technique when you have a ready email list with you and you want to track the respondent details.

2. Use the ‘live’ survey link:

You can use a general link for the survey which you can directly distribute. You can use your own email system for the same. The link here is anonymous, which means no respondent details will not be tracked. You could opt for this technique when you do not have an email list with you.

  • Step 1: Step 1: Copy the live survey link. Check how
  • Step 2: Distribute it externally.
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3. Export Batch:

You can use the export batch method, when you want to track the respondent details but use your own email system to send out the survey.

4. Simple Mail Transfer Protocol ( SMTP):

You can use a transfer protocol when you wish to use QuestionPro email system but also want the email to go via your servers.

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5. Post to Social:

You can directly post the survey link on Social media websites with a click. Check how

6. Application Programming Interface ( API):

You can use API calls to make the process of sending surveys automated. Check how

7. Website Embed:

You can embed the survey on your website using the Embed code. Check how

What are some offline methods of sharing a survey?

#Offline Methods

1. QR code:

You can use a QR code for offline distribution. For example: You can print the unique QR code on business cards on leaflets and respondents can scan the code and they will be redirected t the survey.Check how

2. Offline Survey App:

QuestionPro has an offline survey app where survey responses can be collected offline, that is without the need of internet.Check how


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